15th Annual Rutabaga Curling World Championship
Ithaca, New York. Saturday December 22, 2012.

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14th Annual Rutabaga Curling World Championship
Ithaca, New York Dec 17, 2011

The 2011 Rutabaga Curl, our 14th annual, will be held at the Ithaca Farmers' Market on Saturday, December 17, 2011. Our registration table will open at 10:30 and will close at 11:45. Games will open with the 4th annual Turnip Toss for younger contestants: we are able to register up to 30 youngsters for this event. The Curl itself follows immediately after this event where we expect over 100 athletes to be registered..

Our torch generally arrives at high noon after an arduous journey from Mt. Cruciferous. This is followed by a Parade of the Athletes. After a few brief ceremonies we get right into the games themselves. We are expecting another performance from the Vociferous Cruciferous chorus with another rousing rendition of Handel's "Rutabaga Chorus".

Steve Paisley, last year's Gold Medal winner of the Curl, has just recently returned from his "World Goodwill Tour" covering all 7 continents over the last 3 months. A great ambassador of our Games,Nate was met with warm welcomes most everywhere and was quite surprised to find variations of our sport springing up around the globe. Upon arriving at our Tompkins County Regional Airport with his entouage last week Nate remarked "People everywhere have begun to use vegetables in diverse sporting events. A Vegetable Olympics may not be far behind!" Encouraging news indeed!

Don't forget to review the good old days! Photos here are courtesy of Jerry Feist.
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A separate Turnip Toss was held for athletes 8 years and younger. Many young people are attracted to our sport but are unable to handle the demands of the heftier Rutabaga. The Turnip Toss offers a smaller more delicate projectile, the throwing distance is significantly shorter than the 79 foot Rutabaga Curling distance; pitching distance is a function of contestants age.

This T-Shirt Design will be available the day of the Curl

Enjoy the fabulous melody of The Rutabaga Curl by Joe Crookston, as well as the beautious music of The Rutabaga Chorus!!!

We hope to see you at this truly historic event!

Any questions please call Commissioner Steve at (607)-387-3424. We look foward to seeing you at the Curl!

















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